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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Takas 2018, 3rd day (23/06/2018)
Cumartesi 23 Haziran 2018
Mincios miskas, OK Takas, OK Dainava, Lithuania
Class H35
J. Vileisis Cup, 2nd day (29/04/2018)
Pazar 29 Nisan 2018
Sona, OK Oriens, Lithuania
Prolonged middle|Sonuçlar
Class H35
J. Vileisis Cup, 1st day (28/04/2018)
Cumartesi 28 Nisan 2018
Vezezeris, OK Oriens, Lithuania
Class H35
Bundantis pavasaris (02/04/2018)
Pazartesi 2 Nisan 2018
Barbutiskiu miskas, ISC Erdve, Lithuania
Class H35. Temperature +2C only, compass with 6 bubbles before 4th control, pointing somewhere :(
Kauno estafetes (31/03/2018)
Cumartesi 31 Mart 2018
Zverincius, OK Medeina, Lithuania
Relay, ayak 1st|Sonuçlar
Class H35
Kauno cempionatas (25/03/2018)
Pazar 25 Mart 2018
Nemajunu silas, Sportuok Miske, Lithuania
Class H35